Oreio Web Update

Oreio Web Update
What I require is the following:

I have an existing corporate site that has registered users. These users are either members or non-members. Member is defined as users who have paid the yearly fee.

Our site hosts many services but the most important is our forum. The big difference in access from our members to our non-members is that paid members get to log new posts on the forum as for non-members only get to read posts.

The site uses the member module to distinguish between members and non-m members. There are several different ways to become a paid member, manually via our meetings and via our website using paypal. (lm-paypal module)

Currently we are not satisfied with our site using paypal because all the information is stored on paypal databases and it makes it difficult for us to track what happened with payment when things go wrong.

The paypal process does have a widget that updates the users membership status when they successfully pay via paypal but at the moment there is no confirmation e-mail sent from our site to the user indicating that his membership has been updated. Also the memberships are supposed to be updated by a year and currently they are only being given a year from the date of purchase. Therefore if the users account expires in June 2009 and renews his subscription in April 2009 he will now have an expiry date of April 2010 not June 2010.

A new feature we are also looking to add to the site is the ability to do mass e-mails to all our paid members. At this time there is no module installed for this although I know that there are a few.

Below I have listed the major and minor features that we would like modified or added to our Dupal website along with some criteria. The deadline for this work is very aggressive (2 weeks max) and we would like the ability to track progress on a daily basis. Due to the nature of the website we are not able to take the website off line so updates need to be done in batches once they are approved. Therefore it is imperative that a development area also be setup for this work.

To make the updates less complicated we have decided do away with the free access to all non-members so the database should only house paid members. In the future we may return to allowing non-members access with X days free before they must pay. Therefore, keep this in mind when choosing which modules to install.

Finally, as this website administered by volunteers it is imperative that the least amount of special coding be installed to ensure that upgrades are possible in the future without having to jump through too many hoops.

Thanks to anyone who responds to our urgent request.

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