Edit Video Player 2

Edit Video Player 2

I am running a video site, this is what i need.:

1) When a person embed my video, a short flash animation with my logo will be play before the original video play. You can see the pornhub video example here: http://www.skankstream.com/videos/406/eau-dund039twat.html You can see a short animation with their logo(Pornhub, it make your dick bigger) show before the original video play.

2) When someone click any position of the video, it will redirect to my site(Original video page). Just like pornhub, you can try to click any position of the video: http://www.skankstream.com/videos/406/eau-dund039twat.html , then it will redirect to pornhub original video page.

3) Configure my logo’s link in the video. I already have a logo at the top left position, but the link is link to my main URL. I need to link to the original video page, not main URL.

* I am hiring configure the video player, NOT create the short animation.

* If you need to know the player type, this is the video player: http://demo.mediaxxxscript.com/ Please make sure you are familiar with it.

* Please read & understand before place a bid!

* Payment via Escow or Paypal.

Good day!


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