Cent Auction – Modifications

Cent Auction – Modifications
We’ve bought an “Cent Auction Script” and started applying a new HTML\CSS to the script and some modifications.

Meanwhile, our programmer got sick and the project is “stuck” since a couple of weeks.

We need someone to pick up where he left and correct some things that we’ve detected not being quite right. The script is developed in plain PHP (no frameworks) + javascript\jQuery:

* BUG – Sometimes the auction counters just stop. The AJAX requests are functioning well, but the table referring the time update stops getting incremented. This is a pure PHP issue.

* BUG – The autobidder doesn’t function at all. Both issues (the above and this one) seem to be related – when an auto bidder is placed, the auctions stop.

* BUG – The bid button doesn’t work on some pages (it’s a matter of linking the button to the correct javascript function).

* FEATURE – Remove all e-mail sending apart from the registration form.

* SECURITY – Give a look into the script an make sure it’s tight and secure. Verify if all info is escaped before insertion on database and that all XSS attacks will be prevented.

* HTML\CSS Fix – There are some small modifications that need to be made at this level. The script is intend to run on Firefox 3.0\IE7 & IE8\Opera\Safari\Chrome. There are some HTML\CSS issues on some pages. They need to get fixed.

* FEATURE – Implement MoneyBookers as a payment gateway (Express Checkout).

I would also like to get a quote to implement a new auction type (reverse auction). But this on a separate project.

Please present an accurate budget, deadline for all the development and your conditions. If further information, please contact through PMB.


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