Cms Correction

Cms Correction

I need you to fix the CMS of my template.
I have only a few details that needs to be corrected and improved, it is nothing complicated. This is a simple project.

The CMS is with the Text editor features like this

1st – it is an HTML basic website created all with images and it was supposed to be converted for a customized simple HTML, so a few cells needed to be converted from image to text. It is mainly make it text editable, you’ll understand when you see it.
It needs to correct the css.

2 – There is other simple details:
– fix the scrolling bar in the CMS administration.
– reduce and delete some rows
– delete some extra text
– make it show in the screen without having to scroll

The CMS administration if for this website template

I’ll have to give you the files for you to update on the server, they are the same but only with a few changes already made.

I have one question related with the user friendly way of administrating the CMS, is it possible to do the contents changes through CMS using the drag and drop for the pictures and other things instead of using the Text editor? Is there a way of doing a CMS that way. Is there a way of making this even more simpler than this?

Please only apply if you are confident of getting guaranteed:
1- Only programmers who place bids will be considered and I will not respond to copy and paste bids.

2- Need a serious and honest programmer so we don’t get any problem or trouble in the future.

3- Make sure you understand, know if you have what I’m asking for.

4- I need a 100% quality work and expert.

5- If you didn’t deliver me the files like you’ve explained to me, if it’s damaged, not according the quality that is demanded, not the correct file or not even send me all the files, I will leave a negative feedback about you. You will only be paid if its according all the quality demanded.

6- In a way of give me a good product and better understand what I want you can ask me all the questions that you really need to know.

7- Don’t bid if you’re not able to accomplish these tasks.

8 – You only receive the payment if you deliver what it was asking for and what you’ve promised to deliver, otherwise I will leave a negative feedback about you.

9 – This is a project that will grow so if you keep the things very professional and efficient I’ll be interested in keep a continuous business relation with you.

10- At the end of the project you need to deliver me the source files.

11- I will only choose the programmer after you showing me your portfolio that proves experience on this field and after you giving me the samples of a simple CMS that you’ve done before, put them online in order to be able to see them.

12- At the end of the project you also must give me at least 2 months of technical assistance.

13 – I’m not looking for Joomla or WordPress CMS, if you show me that I’ll reject your bid.

Thank you

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