Html Embed Code…please

Html Embed Code…please
HI hi

I am looking for someone which can make an embedded code for me.

I have me files on a server, and sending my clients this HTML CODE so they can use the pop up window.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

<a href=”#” onclick=”return fubizz_video(‘Fokus film Maeglerne April Maj 2010.mp4’, ‘medium’); return false”>PLAY</a>

<br /><br />

But I want to turn this HTML CODE or this URL

into an embedbed code and the same time using the same JW Player i do for the pop up window(that’s important)…………(And I still want my pop up window to work on the site, like it is right now)

can u help me with that?

All the best


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