Find Keyword Competition

Find Keyword Competition
I need a small software which can get me keyword competition figure shown at google.

Let me explain with an example. Let us assume that you searched education at google. At google result page, you will see that “Results 1 – 10 of about 686,000,000 for education”. Now this figure (686,000,000) is called keyword competition figure.

Now I can explain what I want from your software.

1. I will submit lots of keywords in a input box.
2. I will write ONE search engine name in other input box. (like or or etc).
3. Next, I will click submit.
4. your software will process data and at next page, it will show me details in these columns. Seraial Number, keywords, keyword competition figure.
5. Besides viewing it, I should have option to save this data in a txt file or xls file or htm file.

Operating system and server info
1. I use xp at my laptop and if you want to run any php script, then I have linux server.

If any question, please ask.

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