Vbulletin Plugin Project

Vbulletin Plugin Project
I need someone to write me a vbulletin plugin that checks for certain conditions before allowing a user to register.

This is what it must do:

1) On the registration form the cpalead.com widget will pop up via Javascript. You will need to do a template modification so that the user’s IP address is added to the template output during runtime in the subid field of the cpalead code.

2) I already wrote a postback php script that receives a post if the user successfully completed a survey. You will need to modify this script to add the IP address which will be posted in the subid field to a table in the database.

3) When the users hits the ‘Complete Registration’ button your plugin should check whether the users IP exists in this table we created. If it does exists, the user definitely completed a survey and can continue with registration. If it doesn’t exist, an error message should be displayed letting them know that they must complete a survey before they can register.

4) The plugin can be enabled or disabled.

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