For Hire Php/mysql Programmer

For Hire Php/mysql Programmer
I have small projects from time to time and need a reliable (available via email most of the time; can’t wait a day to get a response).

In most cases, you will provide the scripts and show me a working demo and I’ll be installing it myself. In some cases, I’ll have you directly install it yourself onto the server (depends on the project).

Current Project:
There’s a site that links to documents and videos. A new function is needed for the user to provide some contact information before they can view the document/video/file. This is how I’d like it to function:

-User clicks on link
-It looks for a cookie in their PC to determine if this is a new user or someone who has visited previously (if new, insert cookie)
-If new, request contact information (after it’s provided, record to DB, send email notification and redirect the user to the link)
-If previously visited, record count in DB, redirect the user to the link

DB: I’ll provide you with the fields that are needed and you provide me with the SQL. I’ll add the DB and build the connection. You provide the working script with demo and I’ll install it on client’s server.

PM with your bid and how soon you can complete it. Also, how often you’re available online.

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