Google Books Api Php Ajax

Google Books Api Php Ajax

we need to show a client a prototype of the following task:

Design is not relevant in this task, you can use white background and normal buttons etc.

see the attached excel file. it has 5 steps that will show you exactly what the goal is.

you will be creating a form that will use google books API that can be found here

step 1) user enters book title, or book author or ISBN number

step 2) form will show up to 3 book search results with ability to click show more (and show previous)

step 3) if user cannot find the listed book, user can simply fill out the 4 fields below the search result and click submit. in this case the user found the book and selected the first one.

step 4)this page shows the Books that they user decided to pick. user has option to remove a book. user has option to write a comment or instruction to the tutor for each book he picked. user has option to add more books.

step 5) once user clicks DONE, an email is sent to admin with the list of books that were selected in the email body.

we have no API key for google. your task is also to show us how to apply for API if a registration is needed.

you will be provided with FTP/cPanel to a dedicated server.

please do not write long generic company description. your bid amount must make sense. if you have done previous google API work before please show us links.

we will not pick a winner before Monday 26th. If you decide to work on this project and show us a preview will be pick you if it is within the price range.

we are among top 20 buyers in SL. you will be provided with a dedicated technical project manager that will be in touch with you for any questions you have for the entire project.

if you can only do part of this project please place bid and write what you will be doing and what you will NOT be doing.

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