Helios Calendar Modifications

Helios Calendar Modifications
I need some modifications to the helios calendar. (http://helioscalendar.com) I have a licensed copy you will have access to once project begins.
You are welcome to use premade open source scripts as long as the integration appears seamless to the user.
Any additional HTML should be semantic, tableless html (except where tables actually necessary i.e. tabular data.). No inline css styles.
Final code can not be encrypted or hidden in any way.
You can work on my hosting space, or on your own, but if you work on your own, must be installed and working on my server upon completion.
Brief daily status report expected once project starts. Failure to send status reports will result in project cancellation.

In your bid please include:
– Send examples of what projects you’ve worked on.
– Include a sample php page of your work so I can view your coding style.
– Completion time – must be accurate, I am not looking for a rush job, but I do want an accurate time table.
– Summarize how you will complete this project.
If you do not include this information, I will not consider your bid!

Brief summary of changes needed:
– User Registration created to replace open id login with more user controls
– Home Page created with new large calendar and change to events list.
– Changes to data displayed on events page.
– Search page criteria modification
– RSS page criteria modification.

Details of the modifications:
*User Registration system*
Replace open id system that come with it by default with local user registration.
Users sign up for account, and have email verification to activate account.
Unregistered users can access every part of the that they can in the default install except adding events. Admin pages remain admin pages and unaccessable to users.

User account fields must include:
Username (required) (Alpha numeric underscore only. Minimum 2 characters) must be unique username
password (required) (entered twice to verify they are the same) (minimum six characters)
email address (required)
First Name
Last Name
distance preference.
category preference.

Captcha verification to register – use same captcha system as helios calendar is already using.

Users can access their profile to add/change all the fields. Password change needs to be entered twice to verify against each other.

Admin pages to manage users, including, viewing user account, and user account details, editing those details, resetting password via a reset password email sent to user, and banning users.
*Submit Event*
Events only created by registered users. If not logged in the add event page shows link to register or link to login.

User accounts need to be attached to each event, and the admin account needs to be able to change the user account its attached to in the admin panel.

Users can view the events they’ve entered and modify them.

“Your Contact Information” section no longer needed as event is now attached to user accounts.

*Event List* (on home and events page)
The list of events needs to display additional information – category, city, and state.

*Home Page*
A new home page should be created to replace the events page.

Home page needs search that searches upcoming events, in addition to current items on page.
Disable right hand column

select categories (checkboxes (start with all checked and have “select all” “unselect all” options)
Enter Zipcode (text input)
Enter distance (pulldown with list 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 miles).
Search button

This search should find events within the miles specified from the zip code.
The search results should show without a page load when the user hits search button, (using ajax or jquery or similar. Jquery preferred).
Search shows the first 6 events that are occurring the soonest with a more option that takes user to the search results page with the criteria they entered specified.
Search results also update in big calendar to only show events fitting that criteria.

The events list should by default show the next 6 events. The event should show in line: date, name, categories, city, state. First item on list larger than the others.

If the user is not logged in, the events lists shows 6 upcoming events in based on which are occurring the soonest from all categories and locations. Order should be soonest to latest.(basically how it works now)
If the user is logged in and has categories and or/zip code and distance selected, show 6 upcoming events that are occurring the soonest form that days date, that also matches their search criteria. If no results show, output “there are no upcoming events in your area”.

Large calendar displayed below event list (see next section).

See attachment for home page wireframe

*Large Calendar*
The calendar needs to be modified to be a large calendar that is 940px wide,
and appears at the bottom of the home page. This calendar should function similar to the minicalendar except it lists the events for that day in each day cell. The event listed for that day should be just the title, truncated to fit on one line. Only 5 events per day shown, if more than 5 on that day, then a “more events” link that goes to a list of events for that day. The events listed in each day should link to the full event description.
Show current month by default.
Back and next to other months.
Days and Events that occur in the past are a different color but still clickable.
Click on number and it takes you to the event list for that day.

*Search page*
Date should include an option to search all upcoming dates

Zipcode tab also needs distance field:
distance (pulldown with list 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 miles).
Search with the specified distance of the zip code entered.

Location tab should be last tab.
Zip code should be first tab, displayed by default.


*Rss Feed Page*
Should have the following options
zipcode and distance

Did you read this all the way through? If so, please also include a note saying that you have in your bid and you will be given priority consideration.

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