Simple Parsing Script

Simple Parsing Script
Hi there I’m looking for someone who can create a simple parsing script for me. What it will need to do is parse all links from a html document and produce new links using some of the extracted data. You’ll also need to include two numeral input boxes (first one being upto 2 decimal places and the second one being no decimals) and their data will be inserted into the url of the html document as $VAR and $VAR2.

So here is the document:
And the input box data is to go like so:$VAR&r=id&num=$VAR2

So for example this is one of the links on the page:

I want it to be rebuilt to display like the following:

So the data to be extracted is as follows:******TAKE THIS DATA HERE*****/ref=nosim/krisssoccersi-20/

So that has givin us:
1554511143 – let’s call this $DATA

It places the extracted data into the following template as $DATA:$DATA

Now simply echo all the new clickable links within a php document.

Easy enough job 🙂

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