Finish Up Project

Finish Up Project
we have a project that is 80% down the last programmer gave up however the rudimentary concpt is in place and is solid just needs some finishing touches.
we have a itemized list of exactly what needs to be done as most everything has been started we are not looking to pay alot for this kinda just need a ounch out guy to tie up the loose ends.
about 30 mostly minor modifications

You will need to be a expert in php and mysql and all aspects of how they work together.

You will need to thoroughly understand site security and make sure everything you do along the way is secure.

There are a few minor glitches you may encounter along the way such as session errors and so forth we handled most of them however theres still a few remaining I expect the chosnen programmer to use logic and common sense and apply a good work ethic and go ahead and take care of any bugs found along the way, keep trackof extras and a bonus may be considered.

I expect a quick turnaround as this is 80% done.

if your good at this i will have more work for you in the future.

list of mods
Job Notes well some basic notes as i cant reveal the whole list as of contact violation rules here at scriptlance but everything is well documented as to what needs to be done… this is a heavily modified camscript…

The signing up model’s email address needs to be tested and verified before it reaches pending.
Email to theadminrevealed to programmer

Spacing of boxes is all incorrect
Under “SSN” – I am assuming that is referencing to the ABN on the database? Can this please be changed to TFN / ABN

The 2nd photo appears to be a broken link, this also occured when the model is pending approval;
Please make the additional new links (eg, manage categories & reports) appear like the existing links and also on all pages

Here all the alertpay transactions are automatically being added here, when I process the credit cards through THATLUKE, and I go into the models’s account and credit them with funds, I would like it to also report here..
When I look at toottoot’s “Site funds earned from model total: $32.9” – this is WRONG, I dont understand how it is calculating this, but it is the wrong amount.
Items are not adding up properly
I need to be able to create, edit and change the passwords of admin accounts
When I am adding credit to a users account, I wish for there to be a text box there for me to put a note against the deposit (this note will appear on the statements) [for example; I might put a reference number there from the “” sale, or if I am crediting their funds for a refund, I will write refund]

The formatting is all wrong here, there seems to be 2 types of tables, one for your existing system and one for your new system, which makes it very confusing for the user – also “deposit” is misspelt
When I am logged in as “doodle” its telling me I have $47,000!!! That is not right, there must be a bug somewhere here.
Removing the “Madison Billing”
Create link to “Billing” link goes to: http://revelealed to programmer
Under “AlertPay” Add logos of Visa + Master Card
Under ” Billing” Add Logos of Visa + Mastercard
Change ALERT PAY to AUD and also change the writing to AUD
Misspelt “video”
Won’t let user edit the profile without entering in an address, however refuses to accept any inputted address. (PLEASE DELETE ADDRESS BOX).
Please make error writing bigger and bolder, for example When an error is put in (like the user fails to enter in all the required boxes) an error appears at the top, however it small and hard to read).
When I have logged in as doodle/doodle I have viewed the sessions and its claiming that I added money through the Madison Billing system, but this is not the case.. This is a bug, it seems to be adding money to everyones account.

Creation of a Text box that I can use to put instructions into

“doodle” bought some videos from “toottoot”. TT, had changed the price to $15.00 – however it only appears as 15c to doodle. But, the major problem is that regardless of the amount, it only took $3 from doodle, and it gave TT $0.00. So there is something majorily wrong here.
Previously emailed logo

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