Website Re-design + Oauth

Website Re-design + Oauth
Need optimization of website at to encourage sign ups
The website is in PHP.
Here are the mods needed

1) Front page – The basic idea is to encourage more sign-ups
• Remove the “Welcome to Yoga Tailor” box, the “Customize your session”, the “menu”, the buttons.. everything except the top link bar, the bottom link bar and the background images
• Reduce the height of the logo and the lady in white and the yoga comics on the left
• Make the yoga figurines clickable. They should “glow” to show that they are clicked
• By default , the one at the back is clicked
• When each of the figurine is clicked , cycle through the various advantages of yogatailor and a bold signup button. Look at – just better color coordination. We will need images conveying the text. For example, in “Save Time and Money”, you can show a woman relaxing on her lawn, in Stay healthy we can show healthy bodies, in “simple and easy” we can show complicated asanas with a “NO” bar through them
• Divide the bottom into three parts, on the left we will have a stream of recent work outs done . We can have a list of 2 that keeps cycling between the last 20 updates e.g.
o Lucy has done 30 minutes of exhilarating yoga
o Betty has just finished 45 minutes of the most relaxing yoga and she is glowing
• On the right, an icon “selling yogatailor” – some nice images with marketing messaging e.g. “Doing yoga is easy and will lead to a stress-free productive lifestyle”. When they click, it should take to the signup page. I will give more details later.
• In the middle, a facebook icon. Make it say “Fans with benefits – Win a years membership”. Once they click, it should take them to the fanpage. I will give more details later.

2) When the user clicks on the signup page, a pop-up signup should come. Simple – name, email, password, confim password, accept terms (look at ). User should be able to login with facebook credentials
3) After the sign up , it should take the user to the post sign-up page. If the user is an unpaid user, show at the top a nice bar with the information “ You have X days before your trial expires” And then a good looking icon that shows the 3 options – monthly, yearly and 5yearly – Look at the three icons below the video at . When the click on any of the plans, need to call the appropriate paypal code which will be provided. Once the user is done with paypal registration, they will be brought back to the post-login page. I will provide you with the idea for this bar.
4) Below all this will be the Selection menu and the video area which is on the front page as of now
5) Need a page to set-up the link to It should ask for dailymile login, dailymile password and a checkbox that says “By clicking this, I agree to post my workouts on”. has an oauth system. Once the authentication done, they call a call back URL with the code. This code needs to be stored with the user data. This code will be used to update the user status on dailymile going forward.
6) Once the user has selected a video , and if the user has set up the dailymile link-up, update the dailymile status. I will give you the code for this. Its very simple PHP code. The status also needs to go into the list of streaming updates on the front page

To summarize, heres what we need
1) Cosmetic changes to front page, signup, registration and video selection page – new images, icons need to be developed
2) Oauth implementation with dailymile – I will give you examples, code etc.. this shouldn’t be difficult. Look at
3) User should be able to login with facebook credentials
4) Updates to dailymile and streamer of updates on frontpage once the workout is selected/done
5) Better signup page

Respond with
1) Examples from past work – this is VERY important. Please send me 2-3 examples. no more.
2) Your own inputs
3) Effort estimate that INCLUDES your understanding of what needs to be done

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