Billing System And Crm

Billing System And Crm

I want a billing and crm system for my chains of beauty salon and spa, which i will be inaugurating on 25th of December of this year, My salons will be in bengalore, gurgaon,kolkata , delhi and chandigarh.

So i think a web based system will suite me, Internet bandwidth will not be a problem, On each branch i will ensure a plan of 512 kbps speed.

I have discussed my requirements with a senior software devloper in my family, and based on my requirements, he has made a requirement document, for posting here on this site, below is in detail my requirement .

All bidders please keep few things in mind :-
1. I want the system up and running before 1st december, because after that i want my staff to get trained and accustomed to the software.
2. Please be competitive in bids, and please mention any prior experience if you have in these kinds of softwares.
3. Any more good suggestions(for features) are welcome.
4. Please Bid carefully dont consider me as a layman , as i will be discussing all these bids, with one of our family man, who has a good experience in this industry.

5. About the language, I want the system be built on .net, but if you have any other suggestion, you can suggest me .

Below is the feature list .
The scope of the system will be as follows:

• User Entry
Description: Different types of the user will be able to enter, according to his user type like cashier, salon owner etc. features of the site will be visible to him, like cashier will not be able to see the employee details, reports etc.
• Login/Forget Password
Description: Each user should be given secured login and password, to login into the website and forget password feature (to assign new password will be there.)

• Branch Entry
Description: Through this module, we should be able to add new branches in the software along with other branch details

• Category/Sub Category Entry
Description: From this we should be able to add new categories of the products and services for example “ bridal makeup ” special makeup service etc .
• Product/Services Detail Entry
Description: Here the we should be able to add complete detail of the new added product or service like in product the usage of product and why it’s used, cost etc .
• Product/Services Image Entry
Description: Here the we should be able to add the image of the service and of the newly added product .
• Category/Sub category Display
Description: From this module we should be able to see the structured categories list , on clicking the category, sub category list will appear .
• Products/Services Display
Description: From this module we should be able to see the complete details of the service/product along with the images.

• Employee Entry
Description: Here the we should be able to add complete details of the employees like his specialty, years of experience, branch in which he will operate; here the user will also allot website entry permission to the user.
• Employee Commission Details
Description: This module should keep details of the employees’ commission, commission set by the employer and also the total money and percentage of money earned by that employee through commission of total sales.
• Employee Attendance
Description: This module should keep track of attendance of all the employees branch wise and also employee wise.

• Item Purchase Entry.
Description: Through this module we should be able to enter details of each purchase into database.
• Inventory Update Process.
Description: After the correct entry of the whole consignment, through this we should be able to update the inventory of that branch.

• Customer details Entry
Description: Through this module details of customers should be added to the database
• Membership Details Entry.
Description: Here we will keep the details of users having salon memberships.
• Customer Membership Registration.
Description: Here we should be able to add the membership details of customers into the database.

• Package Entry.
Description: Through this module we should be able to store the details of the new packages
• Promotions/Discounts Entry.
Description: This module should store all the records of discounts and promotions given by the admin throughout the lifetime along with the success and starting and ending dates.
• Service Discount Coupon Details
Description: Through this we will add and maintain details of service discount coupons.

• Calendar
Description: This Module should show the digital calendar along with all the future and past appointments.
• Appointment Entry
Description: Through this module we should be able to add appointments, this feature will give details of the employees’ bookings along with the dates and will automatically suggest all the available free spots within the given time frame.

Description: Billing will be categorized in 4 modules according to the type of sale and by selecting the types, details or parameters of the billing form should automatically change; these 4 will be the categories:
• Product Sales
• Update Inventory
• Service Sales
• Coupon sales

Customer Relationship Module
• Appointment Reminder Emails and Sms.
Description: this module should be linked with the appointment calendar and should send the alert to the customer on the fixed time prior to appointment; this time will be set by the user.
• Birthday/Anniversary wishes emails and sms
Description: This module should be linked to customer module and will automatically send the greeting to the customer having anniversary.
• Discounts/Promotion emails and sms
Description: On adding new discount or promotion we should have the option of selecting the customers from customer list and sending them details of that discount thru sms or email .
• Customer Feedback Entry
Description: This module should store the customer feed backs send to the us thru email or sms .

• Customer List
Description: this report should give the details about the customers turn up at particular branch and their buying patter etc.
• Purchase register
Description: This report should give monthly quarterly and yearly reports of all the purchases done by the user.
• Bill register
Description: this Report shall give details of different types of the bill and their amounts.
• Employee register:
Description: this report shall give complete details of each employee of the company, like attendance, salary, commission etc
• Appointment book
Description: This report shall give the list of all appointments, successful and cancelled over the month.
• Attendant Commission Report
• Inventory Reports:
Description: This report will give the detail list of all the inventory details, of month, quarter and year.
• 10 Reports as per our specification(About this we will tell you in the future, and to whom we will award the project/)

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