Website Flash/cms/php/video

Website Flash/cms/php/video
I’m looking for someone who can build a website
with flashbanner, (moving logo and modern look design)
The site should have a musicplayer;.. where music is changeable in backend if u login

Main colors are white and blue

First page
Should content intro of the company, newsfeed ( maybe posisbe to link to musicnews or be editable in backend)

Second page “movies”
should contain moviegallery
movies who i can add myself trough backoffice
must be possible to put a description with the movie
and to choose image that is shown from movie before playing
Would be nice if u go over the image it would light up when clicked ->played

third page Music
Music gallery
who i can add trough backoffice

Fourth page
Music/video gallery
introduction page for the actors..
also should be possible to change or add in backoffice

Fifth page
contact page

Extra button “customer login”
possible to change the link myself

Style liked (but its black/yellow not good)

Good movieplayer
(but it has not to be accesible for visitors..only trough backoffice, visitirs can only play and listen)

old static banner
on the left u see the logo.. maybe its possible to make flashbanner with moving tubes and logo, buttons in the banner?)

i need an estimate of time and price…

also i would sugges to do a ruff design first . to be sure.. its within expectations

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