I am looking for someone will make me a skin or template for PHP Pro Bid (Version 6) auction software at and a new logo.

I need a complete skin/template to cover all areas of auction site.

I would like a neat looking skin/theme that is similar in style to eBay, although different enough so they don’t mean at me.

The skin/theme must be capable of being viewed properly in the most popular screen resolutions and be centered and not use 100% width.

To give you an idea of what skins I like:

The auction site will be a general auction site.

The site skin must look clean, text not too small, not too cluttered as some auction sites are. I do like the designs of the sites listed above.

I am not too bothered about colour, as long as the main is white (like Ebay, QXL, Ebid) and theres no odd colours that hurt eyes. 🙂 The site must look professional and snappy at the same time.

I DO NOT like auctions template like:

I must be confident that before I pick you, I can see some examples of your work, by allowing me to see the websites you have designed skins for. (All in confidence of course!)

I do not expect daily updates unless you wish, but it is important that a deadline is set once work starts and if any problems arise then I am informed. I have been let down in the past by slow/poor communications.

If the project goes over the deadline, I am not too worried as long as communication and updates are proved.

Payment terms:
I will pay in full on project completion via paypal.

I am a good communicator and can edit php files etc and am able to work with the designer.

Obviously full access to FTP the server will be given.
The domain name will be disclosed to the winner.

Happy bidding!

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