Event Calendar Website

Event Calendar Website
Thank you for your interest in designing our website. Please read the complete posting before bidding. The project is for development of an interactive event calendar which needs a website, iphone app and Android app. Your quote should include 4 months of SEO (white hat only). Site will be clean and professional and user friendly. We are looking for someone who has an eye for detail and understands that each page of the site must have a look and feel that the user will enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

Some of the features of the website will include but are not limited to:

Ecommerce for upgraded listings.
Member profiles pages, there will be at least three type of members. Each type of member will have different terms and conditions to agree to before becoming a member.
Message area for members with notification to their regular email when a message is left.
Event profile pages, information shown will depend on level of listing purchased.
Photo ranking system and display.
Control panel(s) to manage different type of members, content and advertising for website and apps.
Site will have a contemporary design. We will decide if all graphics are acceptable. If graphics and images are unacceptable to us, designer/programmer will create new graphics/images.
Members will be able to upload photos (after approval of website administrator) to site for viewing by other members.
Must be able to add categories, sub categories, delete and edit categories as needed.
All text and ad space must be editable through a control panel.
Ease of management of content throughout entire site via a control panel or multiple control panels is critical.
We prefer the site to be done in CSS
Titles, descriptions, meta tags for the keywords, should populate from select information on the individual member page
General members will select which type of events they would like to be notified about via email. Site should be able to sort, select and send emails as well as schedule emails as needed. Several email templates will be required which will provide information such as event details, advertisements, general information, partner information, holiday information, etc…Emails, templates and ads for e-letters will be handled through a control panel.
Site must have reporting capability as well as the ability to export, member information collected, sales information, geographic information, etc… This information must be printable and have the ability to be exported to an excel or word format.
Website administrator must be able to communicate with any and all types of members via website and member may leave a message for website administrator via the site.
Site should contain a help ticket system that includes commonly asked questions that can be updated regularly.

We will provide more information on the additional features required in the design and operations to the bidders we are considering but this should give you a good idea of the broad scope of the project.

The main page of the site will show a calendar, featured events area, categories, ad space and user photo(s). User will be able to sort events by category and/or dates.

Flash tool will have mouseover effect with that will change information on front page calendar. In the flash design tool, user will be able to zoom in to view photos. Flash too will be used in many areas of the site.

Programmer will supply all images and graphics. All images will be professional and contemporary. We will decide if all graphics meet our approval.

Website must be user friendly and will have shopping cart features, including: customer records, discount feature, coupon codes, recurring billing options, upgrade options, products purchased are time and location related listings and advertisements.

Website will have additional customary pages for Contact, About Us, Categories, and Search site, etc… Some of the other pages will include but are not limited to Photographers, Top Ranked Photos, Featured Events, Event Members and more…
At the end of the project programmer will assign and provide all rights and ownership to all designs, source code.

We are looking forward to working with you!


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