Facebook Game Upgrade/fix

Facebook Game Upgrade/fix
FIX the hitlist and make the following upgrades on the the facebook game and prison wars.http://apps.facebook.com/prison-wars/

my game Prison wars has a hitlist and when you place him on the hitlist everything works fine. However if you fight with the person and bring the persons energy below 0 the person does not die because you did not win the fight. I think there should be an extra {if there} I would like to make it so that when the user dies he dies no matter if the user wins or loses the fight. The user’s energy goes into the negative and then can never be killed….

Also I would like to make add a leaderboard for kills and a leaderboard for deaths. And for there to be a running count in the users stats and in the database of deaths and kills on his profile page.

Also I would like it to be able to kill someone when attacking them if their energy drops below 0 and for that to be listed on the front page of the game feed like to other things that happen. Also if a user’s health drops below 0 to not be able to be attacked until his health comes back to above 10

Please visit the link and bid on the project.

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