Consumer Complaint Website

Consumer Complaint Website
I need a website for users to post consumer complaints. Please see Similar to this. There will be Categories and Subcategories on Left panel Include file. We should be able to create these from ADMIN

Users will submit complaint in forms similar to the above site. (There will be some changes in fields. Will provide to selected Coder) User may also add Company mail ID. In which case complaint is forwarded to Company.

Company can click link in MAIL, Complaint page opens with Form to add reply. No need to login. Complaints get posted immediately.

In Admin we should be able to search (by subject, company, date) and delete posted complaint.

In Admin we can see latest complaints Titles with check box to select & edit, delete . Admin can Edit related Comment and also Company Response

In User side Below Complaint, there will be Add Comment View Comment Link on Left and “Read Company Response” Link on right . If there is No company Response, Link will be “ Company to Respond Now!”

Company can click, enter Company Name , name, mail ID, Phone, and add response. Response get posted and is sent to the person who posted the complaint.

(In website Company mailid, phone is not shown)

The website will have HEADER, LEFT , RIGHT and Footer as include files. Coder will have to integrate Google Adsense code as Includes at appropriate locations in each page. I will sign up with Adsense and provide code.

Site is to be hosted with MYSQL database and PHP on Windows SERVER

As in Consumer complaints ALL (ALL) Pages whether category page, subcategory page, complaint page HAS TO BE HTML.

Only coders who have prior experience (To show previous work) of developing site with URL rewrite from PHPMySQL (PHP4, PHP 5, MYSQL5) to HTML alone need to apply.

Also the TITLE, DESCRIPTION meta tags of Each Complaint Page will be the <User Posted Title + Company name + Location>

For Category/subcategory also Meta Tags will be relevant and shall be automatically created. The coder should know how to achieve these to ensure SEO compliance

PLEASE go through the referred website. The addition that we need is largely COMPANY responses.

Will send mark up of Admin, User pages to selected coder

PLEASE note that this is very simple work. There is no complexity, advanced logic or higher thought required. Hence my budget is low.

The website design is included in the scope. I need simple open design. No big graphics at all. VERY SIMPLE. See for example . Left /right /footer/header include is required. Do note that site should render correctly on IE6 and above, Fire Fox, Chrome.

CSS should be applied so that there are Uniform Titles, Content, menu, category etc etc . You can use CSS similar to PRbuzz to get neat font and look

Selected coder has to confirm acceptance of complying with each point of the requirement . Only if all points are fully met, payment will be released.

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