Mantis Php Pc Service Mang App

Mantis Php Pc Service Mang App
pls see attached info …

this is a php/mysql web app to manage warranty jobs and parts

it links to two other mysql/php apps (IDS & REG) for data retrieval and data updating. ON SAME (WIN) SERVER.

please go to our project management app, MANTIS, for more information

and login with saps/test

you should be able to see screens and Visio & PDF docs (also attached here)

see also sample screens from this service app that look something like our app could look …

these screens give you some IDEA of how we think app should look/work

rather than reinvent the wheel, we think we coudl use teh open source PHP app, Mantis, that we already use as a base for this as Mantis already has 1/2 or more functionality we need

but if you thinak faster/easier/cheaper to do from scratch then you can


you need to be very good at app & form design – because all forms and data used need to work and link and display really well … but by all means borrow from other well designed service sites/forms

let me kmow any initial questions


don card

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