Features Needed For Adult Web

Features Needed For Adult Web
We are building an adult web site that expands upon the open source pligg.com software. We seek a developer to add the features and functionality as listed below:

*Home Page*
Organise the submissions three ways;
– By type (picture gallery, videos or other link)
– By first name of the girl featured
– By tags entered by a user or moderator

Clicking any letter of the alphabet listing (in the header of the attached screen shot) takes users to a list of girls whose first name starts with that letter.

Clicking a category in the Pick Your Interest section takes users to a list of picture sets, videos and/or girls within that category

Live search feature suggests results as you type

Featured sites: Web-based form allowing a moderator to upload a picture and add a link and title. Animated in a similar way to http://www.frontpageslideshow.net/

Tab system provides links to girls, videos, picture sets and galleries – organised by most recently added

Below that, a second set of tabs organises the girls, videos, picture sets and galleries by those most popular in the past week. Popularity is determined by the total number of clicks in past week multiplied by the overall rating of links.

*Girl’s pages*
Picture sets are displayed in thumbnail form. The thumbnail may be added by the user or moderator. If not, it should be pulled directly from the linked-to site and cropped and resized to fit on the fly.

Tabs give users quick access to pictures, videos or other links

Each girl has a main profile picture which only the moderator can upload. There is also a link to her official site – which again only the moderator can add or edit.

Girls are given a rating based on her overall popularity rather than a user rating. Popularity is determined by adding the number of visits to the girl’s page, the number of links she had clicked and the number of saved and highly rated picture sets

Users can save picture sets to their own area and can rate picture sets 1-5. This rating will be shown next to each picture set once it has been rated more than five times.

We expect other features to be added at a later date and are particularly interested in developers interested in and able to complete another tranche of work.

Lists of links (girls names starting with a, b, c etc – list of other links)
Lists of girls names – each has their profile thumbnail cropped to specific size (to be determined), next to which comes their rating and the total number of links each girl has.

List of links – standard <ul> with list of links to forum posts, other sites and the like – these are the only ones not to have thumbnails. The only thing which appears on this page part from the link is the site name (in brackets) and the link type (forum post, fan site etc).

*User profiles*
List of saved links, ability to unsave links, ability to rate links out of five.

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