Reservation Site

Reservation Site

We’re doing a reservation page for a boat club (school project), we have the database/mysql queries and GUI completed, all we need now is help with a php login andlogout page and a reservation confirmation page. we’re about 85% done but the PHP has been taking a while to figure out.
-The login page code will take the user’s name and password, confirm that it is correct and log them into the reservation page.
-The reservation page will allow users to rent a boat for a specific date and time and enter the reservation to the database. Once a user submits a reservation, the reservation will be available to view on the “reservations” page of the site.
-The ‘reservations’ page will display a member’s reservation (if they have one) and will have a “cancel reservation” option that allows a user to cancel their reservation.

This is all we need, pretty simple stuff but we’re learning as we go and we want to get this done quick.


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