Take our existing ‘flash’ website, and modify it to include the following functionality:

1. Change FLASH on header of site. Possibly create a company logo.

2. Redo the ‘Services’ Page to include an area for drivers bios, wheelchair services, contracts, Swam certification, courier service etc.

3. Add a user forum for customers, staff and drivers

4. Add online chat functionality for customers to interact w/ our dispatch.

5. Add a ‘Calculate your fare’ page where customers can input their pickup/dropoff, number of passengers and time of pickup and a google api will spit out a map w/ the route including the actual miles and then a calculated rate based on their input using our ‘rate’ structure. (embedded and uniform to the design of the site)

6. Functionality for other businesses to advertise on our website. (maybe an ad module or widget)

7. Customer Signup and Profile with password authentication.
a. Profile includes customer name, address, phone, verified email address, ability to save
Payment Info for reocurring trips or for convenience for those who travel frequently.
b. Travel history and ability to tally ‘reward’ points that go on a ‘Valued Customer Card’.

8. Add Online Reservation ‘back’ end code that will:
a. Record – name, pu – address, pu – time, do – address, do – time, credit card# and related info
b. Submit Credit Card info for payment
c. Order Verification with Confirmation Number online and sent via email to customer and company.
d. Add option to use and paypal processes to obtain payment via paypal.

9. Add a company blog inside the site.

10. Add a cellphone widget that can order cabs online and text to our phones, email and website.

9. Page that embeds ‘taxi’ cam where you can see people riding in the taxicab – live.

…or suggest a better design than the template we already use.

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