Prestashop/ Php/ Mysql

Prestashop/ Php/ Mysql
Still need someone who ideally has previous experience with Prestashop for the following job :A new module which integrates with existing Prestashop as follows :

Registering, Login and Invoicing functionality must be taken out from the shop level and put in this module.

There will be a unique ID of a single customer for all the shops and only one invoice goes out to the final client, which contains all the subsequent products bought in different shops.

All other functionalities regarding check-out procedure ( tracking and loyality points, retour handling… etc.) must stay at the shop level.

On the backoffice side I need to be able to add/modify/delete a vendor and I also need an interface which makes it possible to hook-up different images and information to the Home Page of the mall.

I provide the design of this homepage and detailed algorithmic description of what it should happen and when.

The hired coder must have good english/communication skills and be available on yahoo messenger every day. I only accept bids from experienced coders with good reviews. All code must be secure against XSS and SQL injection attacks. I don’t want any GET-variables in the URLs unless they are absolutely required to make it work.

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