Ajax Forms Php & Mysql

Ajax Forms Php & Mysql

I am looking for someone to create some validation for my Register Form using the POST method with AJAX. You must add comments explaining what it is doing in the scripts.

The register form has 8 values(1 drop drop down box, 4 Input boxes at the moment, and 2 radio buttons.

The idea is that the form will show a message based on whether the user was successful in signing up or not.

The php script will check for an email address first and then insert the user if no email address is found.

I am willing to provide the form and PHP code and stylesheet which makes up the same page, I must admit my php code is pretty simple procedural code, I don’t want OOP code.
so all that is needed is:
-AJAX Script call
-PHP form
-updated css

You can see what I mean here:

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