Language Translation Program

Language Translation Program
We have several content based websites with content in English, I would like a program or server side script, that will translate my site pages into the main popular languages.

Your job, is to create either a desk top program that will visit my website and translate all selected webpages one language at a time. Then locally save the translated pages in language folders it creates.
Be server side script that achieves same job.

This amount of translation may cause problems, by exceeding usage allowances set by Google and Yahoo etc.
This is overcome by setting daily limits and delays into a server side script.
with a desktop program, we allready have the ability to change IP’s at any set times so in conjunction with delays and limits could run non stop.

Once set going, it should be automatically continue until all site pages are translated (this could take weeks to months). To allow for reboots, stopping and starting again, it will obviously check each page to know whether the page has already been translated into that language.

The translated page saved should be a SEO friendly .html url (not like “&hl=en&”)
But something like ‘originalname-french.html’.

So, if I have a 300 page website, and I run the program – I will get 300 new pages for each different language over a period of time.

My main use for this script apart from offering visitors added value, is to build good site content with a natural organic growth as each created page will eventually be added to the sitemap and indexed by search engines.

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