Rewrite 50 Product Description

Rewrite 50 Product Description
i need 50 product descriptions rewritten to be unique as well as to implement the main keyword phrase for the page of the product. i will supply the main keyword phrase for each product page you need to implement. ideally this keyword phrase would be at the very beginning of the content and appear atleast once more, preferably near or at the end of the content. i can help guide you on the first few so you get the hang of it…

basic requirements:

-rewrite 50 product descriptions on the site with SEO in mind
-implement main keyword phrase (i will provide) into product description
-most descriptions are approximately 200 words – your rewrite should be about the same
-descriptions should be in your own words and not have any sentences or phrases that appear in the original description
-you should have strong english skills – you will not get paid for bad english/improper writing
-DO NOT use software to rewrite these descriptions

there is no research involved, simply just reading what is already there and rewriting it in your own words (without alot of fluff like in the current descriptions) while implementing the keyword phrases i provide. do not use any sentences or phrases from the original product description…your writing should be 100% in your own words.

the site is in oscommerce so i can give you login info do do everything in the admin panel, or if you would like, you can provide me with a word document containing each product description and the link to the actual product. if you want to use the admin panel, i can provide more info in the PMB.

i have hundreds of products that i need this done for, so a quick turnaround and quality work may result in more work for you 🙂

please provide a sample or two of work you have wrote/rewritten…

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