Website Design / Update

Website Design / Update

I want updated. I have created a draft of roughly what I want at

This design uses a template : and I would prefer to use this if possible due the SEO work that has alreday been done. Howver if you have your own template taht works in a similar way then fine.

The menau system is from again I am happy if this used or another easy to maintain menu system is used

In general I like the concept of using clearly marked <div> type designs so I can add content by using php includes in the relevant sections to bring content into the template

The bookmarking code that is currently in the header must be present in the new design

I owuld like the design to use light blue as the key colour i.e similar to existing template but forming a blue border around the central area which shoudl still be white

I would like a more “rounded” and “softer” feel to the site with edges taken off boxes and gentle gradient fills etc

All design / code MUST be serach engine friendly

I would also like a logo and favicon for the site

Please feel free to ask questions



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