Data Count Fullfillment System

Data Count Fullfillment System
I have a count and fulfillment system that I use to process large volumes of data. Our client purchases data from us on a wholesale bases and pays us percentage of all data they release to their clients. I am not going to post the live system being used on our site but here is a sample that includes data on about 2/3 of the country. Western states are not in this sample but if you query Eastern states you will see how it works. Here is a link to working demo:

We now have new data that needs to be placed into this count system but I also wish to add new data selects and remove or replace some that are in the current data set. I have attached a sample of this new data that will be used in the new system. The entire file contains over 250 million rows of data so it is important we are ready to process not only the sample data but the entire database. This job is not to upload the entire database but to make a 100,000 row sample work and that will be ready to receive and work with the 250 million row file. With such a small sample I would expect instant search query results. The demo above has about 150 million rows of data.

Here are the specifics to the work to be done.

1. Using the existing script and tables use a subdomain from the current domain to develop a count and fulfillment system that will work with the current data.

2. Sample of 100,000 records need to be in a search similar to the following but will need to query by additional fields as specified below.
Attached sample is not the entire sample you will work with.

3. Data needs to be selectable by the following fields:

Zip Code
Child Present
Exact Age
Est Age
Est Income
Length of Residence
Property Type
Med Home Value
Marital Status
Ethnic code
Median Yrs in School
Est Wealth
Phone Present

4. The current system has an admin section. This is where admin sets prices, manage member accounts and release the requested data. This functionality is needed as a separate access for one of our clients so they can manage their own clients. Basically it is another level of access that needs to be built into the existing system but will require some enhancements to meet the needs of our client.

5. Our clients admin section needs to show the dollar amount of data they released to their clients and the amount they owe us which is based upon a percentage of dollar amount they released to their clients. This should be clearly displayed in their admin section so they always know what they owe.

6. In our admin section we also need to see what our client owes, and have access to view all the information on what data they have released including number of records and amount of dollars of data per client. We need to be able to change the percentage they pay us or cancel individual transactions in the event of a problem or testing. Keep in mind the running total should appear in their admin section so they know how much they owe us and we need to be able to reflect credits when they pay us.

I have attached the following two documents:

Data Layout – data dictionary.
Sample Data

The above is all this project is for, however, there will be many enhancements to this going forward. For now I’m keeping it as simple as possible to get this completed and working as quickly as possible.

Please ask questions. A developer will not be chosen until we are sure they understand the scope of the project and we have verified they are qualified to take this project and complete it within a reasonable time.

We will evaluate based upon not only cost but also experience, feedback, time frame to completion and understanding of the work to be done.

I will provide access to the existing admin section and more to certified members with positive feedback and possibly to others based upon level of experience and feedback. Bids will not be accepted from users with little, no or negative feedback.

Thank you for your consideration.

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