Ppv Chat With Split View

Ppv Chat With Split View
A would like to work with a long term programmer for the following project. Please don’t bid if you are
not serious or if you are not capable of doing the work
Payment will be done threw escrow, I can deposit 50% into escrow before work begins but please note
that my company does not pay up front so we have to come to a payment progress payout agreement
before I award the job.
I would like you to develop a pay per view webcam software (script) with full ownership and resell rights
that belongs to me together with software that splits live feeds and transfers all contents to other
This is the best way for me to explain to you.
The problem with starting a webcam site is that you need girls! And these girls will not come to your site
if there is no traffic as traffic equals customers therefore there is a lot of people opening up sites which
are affiliate sites (these sites direct traffic to one main site and they get a cut from every sign up.
Now there are people like me who feel this is rubbish as these sites are getting bigger and bigger, you
have to give your customers to them and there is no chance for new sites to develop unless being an
affiliate site.
I would like for you to develop a script (software) whereby a webcam model can register their profile
only 1 time and the models live feed and thier content (pics and video’s) to appear on many different
ppv webcam websites all at the same time.
I want you to tell me the best way for doing this job as if I knew how to do it I would do it myself.
This is how I would like it to work.
1) You get the webcam models or studio that register.
2) You get the middle man – me
3) The webmasters – owners of these webcam sites
The roles of the 3 different parties
1) Webcam models or studio – to perform for money
2) The middle man (ME) to sell ppv webcam websites – these websites will get their models from
me and I get a 10% commission from all transactions.
3) The webmasters – to get traffic to their websites
Important functions of the live split view software
I would like this software to be loaded on a website
· If model or studio registers on this website then these models live feed (if on free chat should
appear on all websites – no re directing from one website to another web.
· If the model is on free chat and her live feed is split to let’s say 100 other websites then she
must have only one chat box and not 100 chat boxes
· Models must only register their profile once (pictures, videos ext once) there after all content
must be supplied to the other websites automatically.
· Full admin module
· Full studio and model module
· Full accounts modules
· This site to act as middle man – 10% of all paid transactions
· Record of all transactions
· If a customer pays then payment should go threw me and all funds should come to me but
credits should only appear on the 1 website that the customer paid. Therefore all models and
studios know they are dealing with me for payment. Webmasters will also get paid threw me.
· Webmasters should NOT be able to access their customers credit card details (only me) but
they should be access their emails etc
· Be able to retieve general information from the ppv webcam websites like, amount of vistors
per day, unique vistors per day ETC.
In short guys I want the following
1) A program that can split live feeds as per above with only 2 modules
Model/ studio module
Administrator including accounts module
2) A ppv webcam script like imlive.com with 5 different template (1 x like ppc webcam site for
demo purpose, I will buy the domain
Please register as a free user and spend some time at www.imlive.com it is to me the most advanced
ppv webcam site out there with unique features like
Live view
Group cams
3 different types of credits
My content
Taking snap shots in private shows
And many more functions
I would also like to start 2 other different shows! Just talk (which means that members can call the girls
at a paid rate.
2 way show where – two members can view 1 girl paying 50% each. Show to be a min of 10 min and
each member has 5 min in control of the show but can view the whole show.
I will email you a list of functions that the ppv webcam software must have! Please note that the live
feed must be of a very good quality and I would like to know from you what platforms you will be using
and your reason behind this so I can determine
Also the frames per second and screen resolution that you will be able to archive.

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