Php: A/b Split Testing Script

Php: A/b Split Testing Script
Dear programmers,

I need a A/B split testing script coded in PHP. If possible, I’d prefer it to NOT involve MySQL databases. The point of this script is to test which of two (or more) web pages converts better into sales.

The script has the following requirements:

1) I should be to split multiple variables, and with multiple rotations each.

2) I should be able to assign a specific percentage to each rotation (not necessarily an equal percentage to each). Also, I should be able to assign a price value to each variation so the script can quickly sum up which variation has generated more sales.

3) The script will not show on the internet browser the fact that I am split testing multiple variables. So, if I am split testing two pages, the URL must remain equal for both.

4) The script will show the same variation of the split test to the same visitor. So, if one person visits my site and he sees variation #1, then he will always see variation #1 if he visits my site again in the future. In order to do that, the script with insert a cookie on the visitor and will also register the IP (same IP = same variation).

5) The script needs to be easy to install and to use, using a user friendly dashboard to set up the split tests.

I look forward your bids!

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