Web2.0 Template And Php-coding

Web2.0 Template And Php-coding
I have buy a PHP Script that can Encrypt PHP Files…

I need now a Designer:
Website Template (Web2.0 with Ajax / Jquery) with 2 – Sites
Sites are: Home, News, Products (8 Products), Demo, Register/Login, Contact, About
Site Admin: Web2.0 Style, with User Management and Credits, Link Management. Please provide me not more then 10 Example Templates via PMB
ToDo: Logo Design, Frontend Design, Backend Design,

I need now a Developer for PHP:
Create with the Designer a Payment Gateway for PayPal Business. This should be completly Automatic.
Admin Needs == Add/Rem User, disable User, Add/Rem Group, Add/Rem Credits per User, Newsletter System, edit some small things in the already existing encryption Code (only small changes). Don’t Bid if you havent more then 5 Reviews

Target is:
User Can Try the Demo, if he likes it, he can register and buy Credits, Credits will expire every 30 Days (i would chose how long they are aviable). If he is registred and filled up the Account with Credits, he have Access to the Site for the selected Amount (1-1000 Times).

I would 2 Persons,
1 Person for Design == Please leave in the Commentfield DESIGN- And you’r Comment

1 Person for Coding == Please leave in the Commentfield CODE- And you’r Comment

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