Feature Required For Mall 2

Feature Required For Mall 2
I am in the process of setting up mall store where different retailers could become sellers on my mall and sell products on our mall store.They have their own admin,payment system web address etc but they all sell under mall main domain.

i want to add a feature in this mall where customers buying product when add to cart then they also see extra button there which says Add to price beater.
This action should only be performed by login customers and registered sellers of mall only.

When customer clicks on this button”Add to price beater” then he is directed to new page where he is given choice to choose days it could be 1, 3,6 or 9 days for which product remains on right column box and we can call it “Can you beat it” box.

Now any one clicking on that box could see all products with actual price and prices which were beaten by different sellers or last price offered could be shown like Lowest price offered so far infront of each product and if clicked then it shows full details of that product .
In details of this page it should also show Beat it button in case some one still wants to offer better price and if you click as logged in seller and press beat it then you should see following Message.

Customer———————wants you to beat price shown.
Customer Location——————— pull customer’s post code from database.
Customer’s country ——————————-pull from database.
Price you offer as final delivered price inclusive all taxes and delivery will be BOX FOR PRICE and a send button.

On sending this message /beating price ,following message is sent to buyer registered email address.

Mall seller —————- has offered to supply you this item at the cost of £——–
Please contact seller at telephone number—————-or email address ————-
or his web address ————–pull from database his ministore’s address.
To discuss it further.
We strongly recommend not to indulge in any cash or direct dealing with this seller and always ask supplier to show this product on this website which is www.MALLADDRESS.co.uk with price offered from where you checkout and pay by scheduled online paying method like paypal etc.

If any one other than logged in mall seller tries to click that button then he should be forced to login and register as seller and show message “Sorry only authorised sellers are allowed to perform this action so please become seller to participate in different activities of this website”

Prices beaten more than last quote or actual price should be rejected.

All price beaters items even put in mini store or main mall items will only show on main index page but they could belong to any shop and this system must be available to all stores which are yet to be created obviously system copies catalog and other folders for each new store and it then becomes a fully working merchant website.

System may check once in a day and update days left for each price beat product and remove which are expired and message sent to buyer to proceed with existing price or latest quote as the situation may be.
Customers desiring to remove their own products from price beat could do so any time even if they allocated 9 days for it but are interested to remove and checkout with existing price or first quote they received even after one hour ,so after this action of removing by buyer product should be reomoved from price beat page.

Any one who is enthusiastic and has command over php should only bid for this project please.

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