Website Development – Lamp

Website Development – Lamp
We are accepting proposals to design and develop company website, including coding of a web-enabled analysis tool that shall be embedded inside the restricted area of the website, accessible only to users with the access rights to that functionality.

Upon completion of the site development, we will assume full responsibility for website content maintenance and administration, so the design must include a content management solution that allows in-house staff with little to no design or technical aptitude to easily update content and modify elements of site design after the initial launch.

The website shall be build using free, open source software. The software combination that shall be used for the development shall be based on the following LAMP package: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

Currently, analysis tool is implemented using Excel tables. The task of the web programmer is to translate Excel tables and formulas into PHP script language for the LAMP software stack.

It is expected that the website development shall cost no more than USD 2,500.

Proposed site launch date is 25 Jun 2010.

a) RFP – Website Development
b) Website UI Spec ver_2.3
c) Analysis Tool ver_3.2.4

After the job has been awarded and agreement signed, in order to make the job of the developer easier, we will provide files “Website UI Spec” and “Analysis Tool” with comments and field descriptions in English language replacing currently used Lorem Ipsum text.

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