From Mysql Data To Shipper App

From Mysql Data To Shipper App
I have a webshop in The Netherlands and we use different shipping companies (UPS, TNT, DHL and a Dutch company) to ship our goods to our customers (B2C). For shipping we use the webbased shipping applications of UPS, TNT and DHL. When someone places an order, we collect shipping info in a MySQL database that runs on our own server. However we have to enter the shipping data manually in the webbased shipping applications.

Detailed information:

What we have –
– webshop, with orders that are imported in a task management application (plain text)
– Tasks management application that runs on our own server (PHP/MySQL)
– Accounts (web based) with major shipping companies (PHP, DHL, TNT, Dutch shipper)

What we want to have –
– A script that takes address and other mandatory info and enters this info directly into the shipping application of the desired shipper (we need to be able to choose the shipper manually). Now we are entering data manually but we’d like to have this done automatically.

Details about the tasks management application –
Each order is defined as a task. Each tasks has its own ID number. Please note: all data needed for the shipper’s application are stored in ONE text field! However, the data have their own specific prefixes (like: Ship Name, Ship City, etc.) with the exception of the street number (e.g. Ship Address : Main Street 17). If a customer doesn’t specify a shipping address, the invoice address must be used (Inv Name, Inv City etc.) with the same exception of the street number. These details are in the same text field. Other data are needed as well, like phone number, order number etc.

Server info-
Apache 2.2.11 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.9
MySQL version 5.1.30

Please only bid if you fully understand the above and are 100% sure you can do it. Please include the line ‘I fully understand your requirements’ in your bid so I know you’ve read the complete post. Thanks!

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