Photo Battle Site

Photo Battle Site
*** I am ONLY looking for VETERAN programmers for this project. I have asked several programmers for quotes on this project, and the average bid was for $300. But I am willing to pay for quality if you have an impressive record of positive reviews on large projects.

I expect daily updates and fast, quality work. In return, I will pay you very well and treat you with respect. I am the founder of several well-known, high-traffic websites and my reputation is very good.

With your bid, please include several reasons about why you would be the best choice for this project. ***

SUMMARY: Members of a certain Facebook network vote to determine the most attractive person in the network.

– All current members of the network are entered automatically. Their Facebook pic is the photo used by default, unless they change it. Every member is allowed to vote, but they must log in through Facebook connect.

– Each day, each voter is presented with 32 randomly selected members to vote on. The voting works just like this: (We have already coded this, it just needs tweaking.)

– There are 8 rounds of voting. Each round lasts 1 week. Each round eliminates a percentage of the girls. 100% of girls are voted on in Round 1. Round 2: 85%. Round 3: 70%. Round 4: 50%. Round 5: 30%. Round 6: 32 girls left. Round 7: 8 girls left. Round 8: 2 left girls.

– Each member can opt-out, change photo, and view what Round they’re in.

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