Contact Admin Panel Required

Contact Admin Panel Required

We have a letting agent website that requires a more advanced admin section for managing tenant, agents and landlord contact details (which are currently being captured on our website frontend).

We currently have a basic system, but its not got as many features as we want

*The admin panel will have log ins that allow us to define members of staff permssion levels
* We will be require an interface that allows staff to input email and telephone enquires directy onto (with just a few more extra fields that are currently not available on the frontend of searchable site).
* we will require all contacts to be searchable and with ability to text and email (texting facility already built into site).
*admin section where my staff can put on enquires that come in over the phone direct.
*my staff can then filter, delete, archive, add comments, email (and possibly text) individuals or groups of enquires.
*they also need to be able to edit enquires as well.
*each agent (user) will also be able to do the same for their enquires only
*mulitslect is also required to allow me to select a few for emailing, archiving etc.
*tenent takes a property, date/time reminder for when to follow up call or call them
*organize search criterias
* contacting tenants and/or agents via SMS or email
*follow up schedule
*good filter system and search engine
*good reporting statistics to analyze performance, search criterias and property hits

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