Customize Photo Rate Script

Customize Photo Rate Script

I just purchases the K-Rate, photo script, it has problems, and I cannot get support to respond. When you click on a link on the index page, i.e., “About Us”, the script is SUPPOSED to dynamically create that page, (i.e., about.html). However, it doesn’t do that. No matter what link you click, it says page, (i.e., “about.html”) not found on this server. This needs to be fixed.

Second … In the ADMIN area, the script provides a “CREATE PAYMENT TYPE” feature, so you can set up all of your MEMBERSHIP types/levels. HOWEVER, it ALSO offers a “CREATE MEMBER TYPE” feature, and when you use it, basically what you create, is the CATEGORIES for the images that will be rated. And appropriately, these “types” show up on the front page. This is fine in theory, but it’s limited, not to mention confusing. So … I WOULD LIKE the “MEMBER TYPE” feature changed, specifically, to reflect what it truly is, which is “Image Categories”. In addition, I WOULD LIKE a “subcategories” feature added to that, so I can create sub-categoriesat least FOUR levels deep.

I also need to ADD a feature or two as follows …

I had originally picked up yet another photo rating script, because I really liked one specific feature it had that none of the others had, only to find that it lacked too many OTHER features I needed. So it got tossed out of running. BUT, I’m (HOPING), you might be able to ADD that ONE specific feature to the K-Rate script I chose, and that feature is, the ability to ACTUALLY CREATE MONTHLY CONTESTS complete with description, duration and first, second and third prize listings, along with various little trophy and medal icons, etc., from the ADMIN panel. Now, you’ll need to look at that script too, so you can see specifically what what I’m looking for.

The THIRD addition I WOULD LIKE to have …As it stands now, K-Rate has it set up so that once people sign up, they have a “profile”, and ADMIN can edit/custom create those fields/questions. That’s great, BUT, because of the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of my site and use of this script, I really need THE IMAGE SUBJECT to also have a profile, whose fields/questions I can custom create. You see, in this site, members won’t be entering pics of themselves, but other people, places and things. Consequently, I need them to be able to add INFO OF MY CHOOSING for each image, to be shown under the image on display.

ONE LAST THING … K-Rate allows for BOTH photos and VIDEOS to be entered/uploaded for rating, which I love, BUT as it stands right now, there is NO “separation” … Meaning, all down the left side of the front page, you’ve got links like “rate photos” and “rate videos” and/or “see all photos or videos”, etc., I absolutely HATE this! I want to be able to have a “video” contest one month, a”photo” contest the next, and MAYBE at some point we’ll do both at the same time. BUT, if there are only PHOTOS one month, I don’t want thereto be “see video” links displayed. Conversely, if there are only videos one month, I don’t want “see photo” links displaying.

So, to summarize, I would like …

#1.) Fix dynamic page generation.
#2.) Change “Member Type” feature to “Image Categories” feature.
#3.) Add four level “subcategory” feature to that.
#4.) Add “Monthly Contest” creation feature exactly like other script has.
#5.) Add “Custom Profile/Description” fields feature for images.
#6.) Dynamic content link generation.

You can check out the K-Rate Demo at

You can see the other script with the “contest” feature I want at …
admin/Nakima Once inside admin area, click on “contest in top menu.


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