Linux Daemon & Php Parser

Linux Daemon & Php Parser
This project involves a few different but related pieces. If you are not able to fulfill every piece, let me know what ones you can do and your bid for them.

In order of priority:

1. Split an existing php/mysql parser that currently processes 2 .txt files into 2 parsers – 1 parser for each file. This parser currently only inserts, so change each parser to insert or update for one set of status_code and deletes for another set.

2. Create a daemon to run each parser daily. This daemon will be set up on a bluehost linux server. There is ssh access for the website. A daemon needs to be created instead of using a cron job because there is a 30 min limit on cron jobs and these processes can potentially run much longer. The daemon can be developed in the language of your choice. Please let me know your language choice for this.

3. These parsers import the .txt files from an IIS web server. Currently, there is no authentication on this server for these files. I need recommendations/instructions for my IT person to set up authentication for these files. Also, need changes to the php parsers to incorporate this authentication.

4. There is an existing script to import another csv file for a different process. This script worked on one server but cannot get it to work on the bluehost server. I need to get this working again and set up properly as a cron job.

These items need to be completed in the next few days. Please only put in a bid if you have the experience to pretty much know how to complete these tasks and are available to complete them in this time frame.

Thank you

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