Xml File Parse And Load

Xml File Parse And Load

I have an xml file (zipped) that I would like parsed and loaded into a MySQL database.

I would like a php script that I can access with my browser that will execute the script, unzip it, and load the xml file into a table. If the table does not exist, I want it to be created automatically before loading. All data on the table can be erased before loading. You will have to parse the xml file to determine the appropriate structure of the table.

I will consider it finished after I can use my browser to access the php file that will execute the script and create the table if it does not exist and then unzip the xml file, load the file into the table, deleting all previous data in that table. I don’t want an excessively large table so please use appropriate field sizes and data types for the data. i.e. don’t make everything 255 char. Make the collaton utf8 general.

I may take up to 3 days to test your script because of my schedule. I will complete payment after I have had a chance to test it. I will provide escrow.


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