Quick And Easy Php Script

Quick And Easy Php Script
I imagine this should be pretty quick and easy for anyone that knows anything about PHP.

I would like this as quickly as possible and i will pay immediately. The code must work before payment however.

Here is the end result of what I am looking for.

1. User comes to my website
2. Enters their email into my optin form (an aweber form)
3. The email is then passed to the thank you page which is actually an affilate link for an email submit offer.
4. This is the affiliate link:
(triple w)(dot)lynxtrack(dot)com/click/pttCfhC97xX9Txztsx9S/s-SI/e-test(at)test(dot)com
5. Notice that the email is being passed at the end of the url with this variable: [e-test(at)test(dot)com]

This is the problem:

1. The email identifier for aweber is {!email}
2. When I append that to the end of the url inside of the aweber HTML code, the affiliate landing page (which I don’t own) doesn’t know what {!email} means
3. Therefore when it goes to the thank you page it actually passes the TEXT {!email}, instead of the actual email that was entered

Here’s what I need:

1. Code that would somehow work with the aweber form to get the email that was entered and then pass it to the thank you page.
2. Instructions on how to implement the code (I’m not a php programmer but i can copy and paste with the best of them, so a simple “put this here” and “put this there” will be good.

There is an example form here at:

fatfightingfurnace(dot)com/prepop(dot)html – You can get the code for the aweber form there.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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