Php Programming 2

Php Programming 2
Design and program an interactive web application that is like the interactive wheel of life in the link below.

It must be done in one or more of the following html, php,javascript, and mysql.
It also must be savable so that members can come back and change or view what they have entered before.

It will be put up behind a php membership script that we provide.
We will upload and make user changes so that it works with script ourselves.

I need wheel in Php,Mysql,
browse the following url.

Under the “Using the Tool”, There are following links
How to use wheel | Draw your own wheel | View your wheel.

My requirement is to have exactly working wheel and saving the wheel.
if i have created the wheel then it should be save to that particular session , when i will logged in again then it should show my previous wheel.
i.e. Sessions or user id needs to be stored.

If you have any query then reply me back.

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