Recruitment Website

Recruitment Website
Looking for proactive development company that can deliver a FAST turnound solution. The designing company must be responsive and in full contact with us.


Recruitment site with a difference. The site will NOT be like a traditional recruitment website in that it will utilise a filtering process of applicants. eg dependant on the applicants answers to certain predefined questions they will be shown vacancies suitable to their skills / profile. ( a bit like a dating agency web site)

Website owner will set the questions via an admin. Website owner needs to be able to add / create questions section and assign them to particular job roles.

eg they will add questions to a “question bank”

They will then create a job role

The website owner will then select the questions from the question bank that will be assigned to that job role.

The Employer (hiring company) will register on the website and select a predefined job role to advertise for. They will then be presented the exact same Preset questions (as set in the admin) and answer them as though they were the candidate.

The candidate will register and select the job role they are looking for and be presented with the same Yes / No answers that the admin has set according to that job role.

The candiadte answers are matched against the hiring clients answers and relevant vacancies are displayed.

The Hiring company will also be able to add 3 unique questions that will be displayed and must be answered by the candidate.

The candidate must be able to upload resume to the system (word / text doc), send covering note and manage their applications via their own admin section.

Clients / Employers must be able to log responses and send email responses, receive notifications of applications, make comments, and basically manage the recruitment campaign of the vacancy via the website.

The payment processor will be WorldPay

The client must be able to administer / create pages such as Testimonials, T&Cs, Privacy etc. via a SIMPLE !!! CMS solution

We will require the facility to re-order the order in which the questions are displayed.

The questions will be asked in sections (moving on to another screen) eg so that the candidate and client will be asked them in batches rather than one long list.

Candidates / clients will be able to have their own management area.

We promise 100% total commitment 14hrs / day and will expect the same from development client.

We are a very large dev company in the UK so expect to have a lot more work if you deliver to expectations.

We will expect delivery in 10 days max. Additional add ons will be allocated a pre-agreed time.


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