Ebay Reselling Script Php ….

Ebay Reselling Script Php ….
We are looking to have a site 99% same as www.japanauctioncenter.com to buy from any auctions like ebay.com , amazon.com ……

1. it should work multi language but can start with english version.
2. it should work with any online payment method.
3. any person just can buy true our account in any auctions. for sample if some body like to buy a items in ebay and he is not approve there, he can get our membership, pay us and bid that item on ebay true our site and the seller ship the item to his or our address.
4. the members have to deposit the amount to our account(paypal/CC/TT) before biding.
5. the members limited to email to the seller true my account and limited to use mentioned words as we want.
4. the site can work like this site: http://www.japanauctioncenter.com/?gclid=CNan-Z6hlqACFctY2god5AQUdg please be a free member there to see how it work.
5. we need 3 month free 24/7Hr support and after that full support as contract.
6. we will respond just to the 100% feedback freelancer. please don’t send us email if you are not.
7. you need to satisfied us 100%. please not we are looking for the best job!
8. we will pay in terms to screw system.
9. we prefer to do with PHP as we know it too.
10. we will provide you full job specifications with your help and request chart.

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