Hubpages/squidoo Clone Site

Hubpages/squidoo Clone Site
I am looking to create a site serving a niche industry that has the functionality of Hubpages/Squidoo. I would want this site to incorporate most of what you see on those established sites, such as adsense revenue sharing, affiliate revenue sharing, community, etc…I would certainly want to change the look of the site (colors, fonts, logo) so that it does not look like a knock-off. Again, I am more concerned about the functionality and easily allowing users to create their own one-page sites for free.

I found this script for $99:
I am not sure if this is a legit clone script or if anyone has experience with this type of clone, but I thought it may be an option to look at.

If you have experience in creating sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, or Blogger, that would be preferred. I am assuming this job can be rather straight forward with the amount of open source code available. Please PM me for any further clarification. Thank you.


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