Zipcode Fill City/state N Form

Zipcode Fill City/state N Form
I need someone to provide me with the code necessary to make a order form pre populate the city and state based upon the zip code the user entered…

Basically the user will enter the zip code, then the city and state fields will automatically fill in with the correct info that it pulls in based upon the zip code…

See this site for a example of this in action (you will need to put a item in your cart, then proceed to checkout. When you enter your zip, notice how the city/state pre populate)

That is just an example so that you get a idea of what I am talking about. My form has separate fields for city and state. I need the data to fill in accordingly. You can view my order form here:

Customers start here:

then end up on the order form, notice how the field data requested above prepops on the order page? All I need is to get the city and state to pre pop based off of the zipcode that appears…

If you have done similar type work please provide an example. If you have never done this before but are sure that you can, please put together a demo form to demonstrate. If you go the extra step and show me a working example you will be picked – the first person that can provide a working dummy form that does the above WILL BE PICKED AS WINNER. I paid someone to do this already who assured me he could do it, and it’s still not done, which is why I prefer to have someone with proof….

I will require full written instruction on how the script works/installation instructions so that I can add this to additional forms that I may create down the road.

The winner must have skype – that is a must. I prefer to use Skype to chat as I am overseas. I pay quickly and leave amazing feedback.



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