Create Php Class From Wsdl

Create Php Class From Wsdl
To speedup a current project we are working on, we need someone to create a php class from a wsdl file to access a webservice.

You are allowed to either use SOAP or XML/HTTP (rest)

Create all actions:
To Add, Delete, Search, Verify, Update rules on the webservice.
Once a rule has been matched. The webservice will post a notification to our servers.

Create a class file, to handle these requests. Webservice can connect to a SOAP Server, or is able to post XML over http. So you need to choose which one you want you use.

Whenever a rule is stored on the webservice, this rule also needs to be written to our local database (PDO).

When receiving updates based on that rule the updates need to be stored into the database as well.

The class should be highly documented and you need to be able to provide clear examples of usage. Don’t forget you also need to implement error handling based on wsdl description.

It is allowed to use wdsl to php tools, for the basic class file, and start from there.

You need to be familiar with SOAP, XML, Database design
will be running on a php server with php 5.3+

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