Search Engine Scraper Script 2

Search Engine Scraper Script 2
I need a PHP script that will do the following:

1. Allow user to enter a keyword (I will provide the specific query parameters that go with the keyword) and after clicking to start the script it will scrape or (user can select which) and gather the URL of each of the search results

2. The script will then take each domain in the URLs and find the number of unique visitors from Here’s an example query:

3. I am not sure how long it will take to run the queries but Google can someimes return 30-40K results and Google is sensitive to automated queries so allowing the user to both define the number of results to scrape from a predefined pulldown list and allowing them to enter their email address and having the script send them an email when the query is finished is advisable.

4. When finished with the query the script should send the user an alert email (if they entered their email address)and display the total URLs scraped and a link to download a .csv file. The .csv file will contain, URL, domain and # of unique visitors.

5. Things that should be parameters that can easily be edited in the code include; query string to include with entered keyword and values for max query results for pulldown list.

Any developers that can show a demo of an actual working script will be given preference.

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