Update And Maintane Wp Site

Update And Maintane Wp Site

I am looking for someone for updating and maintaining site www.LabBocaRaton.com

Theses are 10 action points:

1) The text is gray at the STD page http://www.labbocaraton.com/index.php/category/STD-Testing.
This is caused by the title code ” <title>STD Testing Private STD Testing and HIV Testing</title>” in the category.php file.

2) Upload site on other server with other domain name

3) Switching right menu to the left

4) copy and paste content Resources from: http://resellers.directlabs.com/Resources/tabid/143/language/en-US/Default.aspx
5) Drop down link in Resources link in main orange menu should only appear after a click, not when hover over

6) make a short instruction where the order of the links in the orange sub orange link bar is controlled
7) make a short instruction how to create a new page like http://www.labbocaraton.com/index.php/category/blood-test/cholesterol-test/

8) update urls structure:
a) http://www.labbocaraton.com/index.php/category/STD-Testing -> http://www.labbocaraton.com/index.php/STD-Testing (if possible without category)
b) http://www.labbocaraton.com/index.php/legal-paternity-2/ -> http://www.labbocaraton.com/index.php/DNA-Testing/legal-paternity/

9)Able to post manually popular test on page http://www.labbocaraton.com/index.php/category/blood-test

10) Define h1, h2 and h3 tags in CSS style and adjust pages with it.

This is a start of a long term relationship since this is a website for a business and need adjustments and improvements all the time. Important is that you will work next day on it.

4 years of PHP experience and SQL database (for next projects) is a pre.

Initial project is $100 if finished in 5 days after accepting.

Once above action point are finished I pay $10 per hr but you need to be able to work next day on it.

If this is what you can and want pls respond,

Thanks for reading the project.

Jack Hopman

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