Easy Php Site Edits.

Easy Php Site Edits.
I’m willing to pay $40-80 for this work. The site is made in some flash and then php I believe. A lot of it is moving stuff around and adding sound effects to the menu buttons.

!. Water Intro with sound. This involves a pic of water and this sound. They want it off my site. I can send that to you and you can get the sound and what not from there. It’s just shutter effect and sound.

2. Opening photo should be the phoenix skyline shot.

3. The other photo we purchased of Phoenix which has two roads in a “V” could be the main photo on the opportunities page. The listings can then be below it with links to the marketing brochure for that building. In other words, the opportunities page should look like the other pages but with listings below.

4. Coin Symbols Front page: Welcome to the Phoenix Group ( = / ^ ), The Team ( stick figure ), Opportunities should always be the ( $ )

Coin symbols Inner pages: Opportunities ( $ ) at the top
About Us ( = / ^ )
Contact Us ( paper clip )

5. Font for headings is fine. Font for the written paragraph body change to Tahoma large enough to be read easily. If it doesn’t work well…let me know and I’ll pick another one.

6. “Ding” sound when you click on tabs at the top of the main photo.

7. Currently when you click on the tabs at the top, the same photo reappears. Should change to different photos.

8. Opportunities Page – I will send the marketing brochure documents for the two listings we have in a separate email.

9. Also adding some pictures to replace other ones.

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